Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update - with new sofas

Well I have been told it has been too long between updates! So here you go - a few photos taken tonight. The main update since last time is that we have our new sofas for the back room. They seemed so big at the start, but now fit right in and seem the perfect size, even if it does look like ten people should be living here...

We will need to get a rug and coffee table at some stage. Oh, and a massive new tv! That isn't a high priority just now though. Finally put a picture or two on the walls today, only taken us a month! Need lots more and some really big ones too.

Note the doggies happily on their beds. Yes, we only have two dogs - not sure why we have three beds! They tend to move between them all, and then of course onto the carpet in lounge or bedroom to leave hair there too.

And one shot of the lounge. Struggling to decide on curtain fabric for here. Will have to try again next week. We have ordered just roller blinds for the other bedrooms/study. Also tossing up between roller blinds and romans for out the back. Will work that out soon.

We are feeling very settled and all is going well. There are still a few odd things on the list for Carlisle to complete, but nothing much.
The dogs (and Molly the cat!) seem to be loving the outside too, with lots of new digging spots for the bones. My intention was to take some outdoor shots, but I left it too late today and it was raining too hard for me to brave it. Shall try to do one morning this week. Our landscaper has done a great job so far. Still the deck to do, plus about to order a lot of pine bark or similar to cover the mud! My attempts to implement a clean paw policy are only mildly successful in terms of minimising the mud inside...