Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bi-folds are in

We went up to the house today to find two brickies working on a Saturday - very impressive! The house is all bricked now and they are finishing off around windows and all the other fiddly bits.

We were expecting the house to be locked up, but we could get in through the bedroom door, plus we then discovered that one leaf of the bi-folds isn't glazed yet, so easy access there too! So we are not yet formally at lock up, but very close. Also, we had been told that the plastering would start last week - well not yet.... although the sheets and the cornices have been delivered and are piled up in the back room, so I imagine all that is about to happen.

Very very very happy with the bi-folds, they look great. Lucky that, given they were our most expensive upgrade! Can't yet see the colour properly (silver) as there is black tape on them for protection, same as all other windows.

Front entrance now bricked. Not sure I am happy with how far back the door is set, but that is what we signed off on... we did move it forward a bit. Shall be fine once door in I am sure. We originally thought we might render some of the front and will reconsider that later on. Although once all finished and landscaping is done to allow good access to the door, I think it will be fine. Same goes for the large brick area between the two front bedrooms, landscaping and planting will soften it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bricks and more!

Lots of photos this week as so much has happened!!

Firstly and most excitedly, we have bricks and lots of them. They have done about two thirds of the house. So this coming week should be the rest of that and all the fiddly bits around windows etc.

Also - electrical done, wall insulation in, air con and heating ducts in the roof space, evap cooling unit is on the roof, baths framed, temporary front door in, porch roof and other facade stuff done, ensuite window now in, glass now in the awning windows in living areas.

Oh and we found the tap out the front - hadn't spotted it before, so must be new. Kirk definitely appreciated it - and ended up with very muddy paws.

This photo shows the maze of air and heating in the roof space.

Our spa space is now framed!! The spa should go in soon after lock up we think.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roof and Wrapped

More progress! Very happy with how things are going, although of course hanging out for those bricks to start. They have put the piles of bricks around the house now and there is a massive pile of sand, so clearly the brickies must be starting very soon. Yaaaay!!

So in that last few days they have almost finished the roof (just a little remaining at the front), and wrapped the house waiting for the bricks to start. So inside it feels different with the external walls sort of there.

Good news too, our independent inspector has spoken with the site supervisor to arrange the pre plaster inspection and was told they expect to start plastering in a week and a half. Great news! So that means we will be at lock up pretty soon - which is of course when they invoice for a massive progress payment....

Photos now!

First one, from front of house - they have started to frame the entrance way and the door frame for the entry pivot door is waiting to go in with a temporary front door, plus frame and door for garage door into house. So getting ready for lock up.

Another shot from the front to show more of the roof, the wrapping and the bricks all laid out and ready to go.

From alfresco looking into family and dining room. Much more like a room now. And it really isn't too big!! Looks even bigger here as can still look through to lounge next door of course.

And now a couple of shots from outside to show what area we have to work with for decking and landscaping. Lots of space, just a slope to deal with.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick update

We couldn't help ourselves, so headed up to check on the house tonight. So the news is:
- we have half a colourbond roof
- we have lots of bricks - delivered and hopefully soon to be on the house

Just a couple of photos, fairly self explanatory! Third one is the back room now a little more like a room with a roof - and a dog wandering through of course...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frame complete & windows in

All looking good this week. As we got out of the car, a boy about 12 was wandering by and asked if we were moving in. When I said yes, he said "Welcome to the neighbourhood". So that was nice. He was from a house just down the road that I think finished just a few months ago.

As to progress - well the frame is complete and almost all windows are in - ensuite window not in and bi-folds still to come. Plus the awning windows in the living areas are only glazed in the central pane at the moment. Only issue is the black winders on those windows - we weren't asked to select the winder colour there and would have chosen white to match the surrounds. So we will be seeing if these can be changed. Hopefully not too much of a fight ahead to get that done...

Guttering and fascias are on for all but the front of the house and the colourbond roof is sitting there ready to go - so imagine that will go on this week once the roof sarking is done (yes I sound like I know what I am talking about!). Will be nice to see a brick delivery soon too. Yaaay!!

Some photos...
This is the right side of the house - all windows in, guttering done and our roof materials in the foreground.
This is bedroom 2 at the front with wooden windows fitted. Yes they have plastic on them at the moment, so can't see clearly through them.
This is our ensuite double shower!! All plumbing seems to have been done for bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.

Our bedroom, taken from the hallway. Bedhead wall has now been framed and sliding door to outside is in.

The family room. I am very excited about this room, will be so open and light. Next photo is then from alfresco looking back to family and dining.

And finally the kitchen, taken from the family room.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sofa delivery

Hi - well great excitement Saturday morning with the delivery of two of our new sofas. These are the ones which will go in the smaller lounge in the new house. As they fit in the current place we decided to get them straight away - and the old ones are in the garage waiting for us to organise a charity collection. I was a little nervous about the colour, but I love them, and want to create a warm feeling in that room so they should work well. Plus they are super comfy which has us rethinking the need for the feather wrap on the other two... will have a think about that. I have been testing them out most of today!! Now I get to go shopping for new cushions as all the existing ones are silk and they slide around rather than stay in position.