Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dale is sleeping on the couch....

And yes, I am sleeping on the other one! The floor sander called on Monday and was able to come from Tuesday to get our hallway done. So we have decamped to the lounge and kitchen/dining for the week. The third coat went on this morning and should be ok for light walking tonight, but we will probably stay on the couches one more night so that little and big paws can stay off the boards for a little longer.

We have used Feast Watson Floorseal (Tung Oil) with a black tint. So the result will be nice and dark and a matte, rather than gloss, finish. It looks great so far against the white walls. Shall get some pictures up on the walls over the weekend too. The painter will come back to touch up the skirting boards sometime and then all done.

So some photos of before and during each stage.

Before (from a while ago)
Floor sanded - already a million times better!

First coat down
Second coat with tint added
Third coat today - with a little more tint

Molly enjoying my new bed!
We will have our house back tomorrow and it shall be good to finish a few things off. Hopefully some more photos next week of the rooms not yet shown.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

All Moved In - and mostly unpacked...


Well we have been in the house for two and a half weeks already and we are really enjoying the location and the house. 

Molly the cat joined us on day three and settled in super quickly and is now racing in and out through the cat door a million times a day. Charlie likes his new backyard and keeps finding weird really old bones (one with teeth!) and grotty old tennis balls. He also loves lazing in the afternoon sun out the front and talking to whoever wanders past.

We still have a few boxes to unpack, but are slowly getting through the remainder. The guest room is unlikely to be ready for photos for a little while yet... Also we haven't yet put many pictures up. I finally found some decent picture rail hooks (Bunnings ones were useless), but now the Bunnings wire is way too weak so will have to use something else, perhaps fishing line will do the trick. Shall get onto that next week.

So the only reno type work still to be completed is the sanding of the hallway. We have booked a new guy after the first one didn't turn up on the day, and he is booked out but will try and fit us in between larger jobs. So a paint spattered hallway lets the place down a little at the moment - but you won't be seeing photos of that!

Now some photos of the finished rooms and the front of the house.

Outside - before and after. See if you can spot the yellow door!!

Our bedroom, all done except for needing some more pictures on the walls. Plus we need to buy a tallboy for more clothes storage and this will go in the far corner with the tv on top. We haven't had a tv in the bedroom before but decided to do as Austar had some special deal for two rooms.

The kitchen and dining room - with Charlie supervising the photo shoot. Our table fits just fine and could probably come more away from the wall to make the window seats accessible all the time. Will test that out sometime. We have enough storage and the kitchen is actually really good to work in, although the oven is a little dodgy. I haven't been brave enough to do a roast yet but will need to try before hosting Christmas.

Our bathroom, before and after. Before, all yellow with a bath. After, all white and with a laundry instead. This space has worked out really well and we are so glad we made a last minute decision to paint the bathroom and loo white.

That is it for today. The office still has some unpacked boxes, so not quite photo ready. We are waiting on an extra filing cabinet we have ordered for that to get sorted. As mentioned the guest room has a bit of work to do. And the lounge, looking good but will photograph once the pictures are on the walls.

So making some progress each day and really looking forward to being completely organised soon!