Sunday, August 8, 2010

Focusing on the inside again

Well it has only taken me a year since moving in, and about three years since I did a Photoshop course... but finally I have printed some of my images on canvas. We picked them up yesterday and I am very happy.

Firstly, three new canvases for the entry. These are all 75x50cm.

Finally, I have something on the hob!! This is a photo of wildflowers that I took somewhere near Esperance, WA when we were driving from Perth to Melbourne in 2007. Photoshop work was cropping and mainly bringing out the greens.

The next two shots are from photos I took when in Africa in 1999. I have scanned some of the negatives to digital now. Must finish that job!

Now to the living and dining room (all in one with kitchen).

First shot was taken in Far North Queensland a few years ago. Definitely some significant Photoshopping here! The pink is a little more vibrant than it shows here.

Firstly, excuse the mess all over the dining table! Wanted to show the placement first and then the two images. Both of these photos were taken in south west Tasmania when we did the Gordon River cruise on our honeymoon, Christmas 2007. Yes, some Photoshop filters in action here! These two are 100x75cm.

More landscaping photos

I have been meaning to add some more outside photos which include green grass rather than just seeds in the early shots!

These were taken about six weeks ago by my Mum, so since then there has been lots of rain, one mow, and lots more growing again. Once more looking very lush and desperate for a mow! Note garden bed near the front door with no plants.... all eaten by the rabbits... will get something new in there soon.