Sunday, August 9, 2009

RIP Tess

A sad time with the lovely Tess leaving us to play and eat bones in doggie heaven... It was rather sudden in the end, but she had a happy and pretty long life at almost ten years old.

So some favourite photos to share.

Firstly - the "I've never done anything wrong in my life" look.

A happy girl!

Tess a day or two after her knee surgery in 2006. Also showing off a fresh all over summer haircut.

Trying to sneak a bone inside..

A reflective moment at the farm.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outside - progress and lots still to do...

Finally some photos of the outside - with lots of earthmoving done, driveway and other concreting. Definitely not 'after shots', more like in progress shots. Now trying to decide how to proceed with landscaping.

Firstly - the front of the house taken from across the road, and also showing retaining wall. Very happy that the front area to the right of the driveway has ended up fairly flat and even since the retaining wall has been done.

The so called 'dead' side of the house. Actually a reasonable amount of land here thanks to our stupid building envelope. Doesn't seems so daunting now that it is divided by the new fence. We plan to eventually put some fruit trees on this side, although haven't yet worked out if they will grow in clay... Fence gate is to be changed as doesn't fit properly.
Our driveway, and Tess in profile! We were able to move the crossover but had to retain the colour - got away with it being wider though. Crossover is sandy colour and grey for the actually driveway although seems lighter in this shot.

Front of the house - and Kirk. Porch has had concrete added further out. This will all be decked very soon - just waiting for our landscaper to schedule it in. Can't wait for it to look more finished. Also sorting out mulch etc for this area in front of the windows. Then some greenery one day too!

Left hand side of the house. Alfresco has been extended in both directions with more concrete. Again, all this will be decked soon. Trying to decide what to do with all this dirt in the foreground... Trying to avoid grass because of high maintenance, but throwing pine bark on it doesn't seem a great option either - although considering this for short term help with reducing dirt and mud inside. Problem is, as a short term option it doesn't have a short term price... decisions!!! This areas is heaps flatter and more usable than before, thanks to lots of earthmoving.

Back of the house, showing alfresco and the slope thanks to our cut and fill. Our longer term plan is to have a lower deck and pool (but who knows then that will be!). So for now we will plant something on the slope and towards the fence. Definitely a challenging site... Again, we have a quote for pine bark / mulch for here, but not sure if should do that or something else.

And a final shot of the doggies at the bone-eating tree!