Saturday, May 8, 2010

Landscaping - Finally!


Well it has been a long long time between updates.... Finally we have had our landscaping done. We started this process in about November and by the time we finalised the landscaper and the plan it was the new year - and then we waited until after our holiday to have the work done. Apparently this is a good time of year to plant, so hopefully that helps everything grow and stay alive! We had put in automatic drip irrigation which is connected to our water tank too.

So now for a lap around the house.

This is looking back from the reserve next door. We have lots of massive boulders at the base of the slope. Should look good once the plants on the slope grow and the boundary trees. The area at the bottom and along that side boundary will just have the boundary trees and some grass seeding which is still to be done.

This is the front left of the property. Tree in the middle is a Red Maple - October Glory I think. This front area will be lawn - hydro seeding will be done next week and then we just hope it grows!

Front garden bed, hopefully some of this will grow high enough to hide the clothes line from the street view. Also shows large garden area inside the fence which extends all the way to the laundry.

Front right of property. Lawn still to be seeded and garden beds all ready to grow!

The functional side of the house! Water tank and newly built raised vegie garden. Now just need to read all about growing vegies and get started! Also we will have a few fruit trees here, although just lemon and lime in at the moment (out of shot). Others will go in next month when the 'bare-rooted' stock is available.

The back of the house, showing planting on the slope and taken from the path that extends across the back and then around to the water tank side. Much easier and safer to walk around there now.
And these two photos near the deck, now easily accessed via the path and the garden bed between the deck and the tree was a last minute change that works well and evens up that area.

And finally the plan. You can see how much space we needed to landscape!

That's it! Not sure when or what the next update will be...