Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a House!

Well despite the ridiculous heat this week, our house has progressed. Monday was Australia Day hol, Tuesday 38 degrees, Wednesday 43, Thursday 44 and Friday 45! No idea when they worked, but they got a reasonable amount done considering.

The frame is basically done and roof trusses started. The wooden windows for the facade have been delivered and waiting to go, so I would expect the other windows will come next week and all will be put in place.

It has now become "the house" rather than "the block". Very exciting!!

First photo - house take from the front of block.

Next, our entrance way - ready for our massive door!

Our bedroom - wide doorway and note space for sliding door to outside. Just the bedhead wall to be framed in here.

From dining, looking over to kitchen and alfresco.

That's it for now. Was great to walk through all the rooms. Of course I had to measure in the family room to make sure those huge sofas will fit. Easy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Views

I was looking at the land documentation the other day and was reminded about how much common land / reserves there are in the area we are building. Of course we chose our block mainly because it has reserves on all sides, so no boundaries with neighbours. What I hadn't thought about was the view we would get over the reserve that extends behind the house.

This first image will look fuzzy if enlarged (was from Melways online and I cleaned it up!). Our block is highlighted in blue. All the white is where house blocks are, and the green is all reserve. From the back of the house we will look out to the large reserve space. Also note the walking tracks that are already in place. The dogs will love it!

Next couple of photos show the view through the two large back windows in the family room. I love it - it was such a nice surprise to see that. The higher aspect thanks to the cut and fill helps too as we don't even see our back fence!

This photo is taken from bedroom 2. There is a reserve opposite (which I managed to delete from the plan above...). I am not so worried about the amount of cut here now, as that steep bit can be planted somehow and isn't as high as I was worried it might be.

Framing has begun

Well as promised, the frame was started this week. As of last night when the photos were taken, it is about half up and heaps of the other walls are constructed and laying down- just waiting to be put up. So almost there for the walls, and then the roof trusses to come. Hoping that the frame will be finished next week.

It was very cool to be able to walk into the rooms of the house. Remember, the display home we have seen is 36 squares and we are building the 32 square version, so we haven't actually walked in the house in this size before. So far all good and the amount of space seems great. I did measure the window spots to make sure they were correct, given we had changed some. They were just right of course!

It is starting to feeling like a house.... well almost!

First photo - from kitchen looking back to front of house. The part put up so far is the lounge, bedrooms 2-4, bathroom and powder room. Note the boys are in the photo checking it out. Kirk had a ball running all over the block and through the walls. He was exhausted after half an hour of that.

This next photo is our lounge room. I love the size of the window. We increased the window height in this room and in the dining/family to all be 1800mm high.

This photo looks from kitchen across to dining/family room. I think this will be big enough!
Final photo is from the front of the block.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We have a slab

Our site supervisor called on Sunday to say the slab would be poured Monday and the frame will start on Wednesday. Very exciting!

So of course we had to head up after work today - and yes, there is a beautiful slab. We shall wait until Friday to head up again, and by then a lot of the frame will be done, if not all.

Photos below. Third one shows the fill at the back which has brought house up to level of the back fence more or less! We shall be doing some creative decking and landscaping down the track to make the most of our block.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting ready for a slab...

Some updated photos - not quite a slab yet, but the pipes are all in and all the gear is there ready and waiting for the concrete to arrive! Very much looking forward to seeing the slab - may even have to head up mid week to have a look...

So we could walk around 'the house' and from the pipe locations work out where each room was, but it feels so small!! I had to ask Dale to pace out the 'tiny' master bedroom and of course it was over 5 metres across as it should be. The space really is deceptively small without the walls.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A little progress...

Not a lot to report.... we ventured up to the block on the weekend, but only looked like they had compacted the site more and placed quite a few marking posts. No new photos as little to see. Although it was still good to know the workers had been there.

However, good news today! Our site supervisor was back at work today and Dale spoke with him. Today they dug the holes for the piers and tomorrow they pour concrete into the holes! He expects to pour the slab this week. Very excited about that. I can promise photos next weekend, for sure.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Sofas!

Well after lots of searching, we have ordered sofas for the new house. Yes it seems early... but it was well worth taking advantage of the January sales. Both styles are from Urban Rhythm in Richmond.

First one - is officially a 3 seater, but is just over 3 metres long with three cushions. We have ordered two for the large family room. The colour is a deep red similar to this - as much as I can remember! And will be in leather. These will be manufactured in a few months and ready for early June, when we expect to be moving.

Second pair of sofas will be for the lounge room. Will also be in leather (better with lots of pet hair!) and in a mid brown colour. Sofa is a 3 seater with two seat cushions across. Even better - these will be manufactured straight away and delivered to where we are now. We can get rid of the old sofas very soon. Yaaay!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Splashback colour

We popped into Dulux today to have a look again at the splashback colour. It isn't on any of their sample cards, but is in the big Dulux 'Atlas' that I originally chose from. I had the colour name wrong in the previous post - it is called Winter Waves.

The Dulux site has a table showing the RGB colours which I then used to create this sample in Photoshop. Lucky I still like it! Should go well with the all white kitchen and floorboards.