Thursday, August 25, 2011

Timeline from our House Build - 2008/2009

So to change the focus of this blog I am moving the house build timeline out of the sidebar and adding it to this post - for posterity's sake!

Our House Build... 

  • March - the idea started. We could build a house! By end of March land contract signed
  • July - land settlement
  • April to September - excitement and drama of choosing a house to build. Two other builders, two contracts started but not signed.
  • 13 September - signed up with Carlisle. The right house.
  • 8 December - Official site start


  • 19 January - slab poured
  • 21 January - frame started
  • 4 February - frame complete
  • 16 February - bricks started
  • 2 March - plaster started
  • 5 March - officially at lock up
  • 16 March - fixing stage commenced
  • 31 March - fixing stage completed
  • 25 May - 'New House Presentation'
  • 11 June - Final Inspection and Handover
  • 12 June - timber floors laid
  • 15 June - carpet laid
  • 17 June - Moved in!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time for a Change...

Well! It has been a whole year since the last post on the house build blog and a lot has changed - or is about to.

Our house in Gisborne is sold and a new house in Hobart has been bought. Yes we are heading home to Tassie to live and can't wait.

The decision was more or less made over a bottle of bubbly on New Year's Eve 2011.  Since then much has happened, but mostly the frustration of our house taking about five months to sell. First agent - lots of open houses, lots of prospects going nowhere, one contract at the final hour (once we said we were moving agent) and then one broken contract. Second agent - one open house, one contract. Perfect.

We have bought a house in Sandy Bay, Hobart. It is a Victorian/Federation place built around 1900. I will add photos and a post about that soon. We will be doing 'Stage 1' renovations immediately - paint, plaster, roof, floor coverings, and 'Stage 2' down the track. When I say we, I mean we hire very capable people to do the work!

Both house settlements are on Friday 30 September. We will arrive in Hobart that week, eager to get on with everything we have planned. This blog can now become a mix of house renovation and what we are up to in Tassie - to keep family and friends up to date.

More soon.