Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not a Box in Sight

Finally, the final box has been unpacked and they have all left the building. All rooms are now pretty much done, just some more walls to fill up over time. I shall have to find time somewhere to work on some more of my photos and have them printed.
So now lots of photos - including some before and after. Before photos are the ones from the real estate listing.

The front of the house. Work done - new roof, painting, new blinds in storeroom on left, new light, new glass in front door and surrounds. Still do do one day, decking on verandah, removal of concrete and improved front garden. Storeroom will also one day become our ensuite. It was generously described on the floorplan as a study.

Before - front of the house
After - front of the house

Before - front verandah and front door

After - front verandah and front door

The Master Bedroom. Work done - new plasterboard ceiling, plaster patching of all walls, new cornices and ceiling rose, painting, carpet, lighting, heating, blinds. New tallboys just arrived.

Before - Master bedroom

After - Master bedroom

After - Master bedroom

The Guest Bedroom. Work done - plaster patching of all walls and ceiling, painting, new cornices and ceiling rose, additional power points, built in wardrobe, carpet, lighting, heating, blinds.
Before - Guest bedroom

After - Guest bedroom (mostly used by Molly the cat)

After - Guest bedroom with Charlie looking serious

The Lounge. Work done - plaster patching of all walls and ceiling, new cornices and ceiling rose, painting, fire place covered over for now, carpet, lighting, heating, blinds.

Before - Lounge room

After - Lounge room
After - Lounge room

The Hallway. Work done - plaster patching, painting, repair moulding, new cornices and ceiling roses, additional light in back of hall, add picture rail to back section, heating, floor sanding and staining. New glass in front door and surround.

Before - hallway

After - Hallway
After - Hallway

The Office. Work done -  new plasterboard for all walls, plaster patching of ceiling, new cornices and ceiling rose, built in cupboards, fireplace covered over for now, painting, carpet, lighting, heating, blinds, relocated and new phone and power points.The light shown for the office in an earlier post was replaced with a new one shown below. Original one gave off virtually no light, and it broke... this one heaps better.

Before - Office (after settlement, no real estate shot)

After - the Office (the boys hard at work!)

The Office light fitting (changed from earlier post)

Kitchen and Dining. Work done - lino on floors (no floor covering before), added shelves over benches, removed a cupboard and added a dishwasher, new cooker (old one had faulty oven), new blinds, heating.

Before - Kitchen and dining

After - Kitchen and dining

After - new gas cooker

Bathroom. Work done - bath removed and laundry added (following demolition of falling down laundry outside), lino on floors (no floor covering before), painting, heating, towel rails.

Before - Bathroom
After - Laundry in bathroom

After - Bathroom

The Backyard. Work done - laundry/shed demolished, lattice added to fence line. Since then lots of pruning and weeding - still a work in progress so photos to follow.

Before - Laundry/Shed
After - Laundry/Shed no more
Other stuff done - mains gas line connected, instantaneous gas hot water, hydronic gas heating, tv aerial, Austar tv.

So that is about it for now. Pretty much done for a while inside and some garden tidying up happening at the moment.



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