Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost done...


Well we are very close to being finished now. The floor coverings went down yesterday. Carpet in the main four rooms and lino out the back in the kitchen/dining, toilet and bathroom. We chose lino as we hope to renovate this section of the house down the track, so wanted an economy solution for now.

The hallway is to be sanded and stained. This was originally scheduled for yesterday, but they wouldn't start then as the carpet guys were in the way (who were meant to be here earlier in the week and were delayed...). So sander due here first thing today and he hasn't turned up. His boss expected him and was chasing him but is now not answering calls. No idea what is going on at the moment. Worst case we will move in without it done and then have to grovel back to sleep at Mum's for a couple of days when it is done.

Our builder was also back yesterday to put up our blinds and a few other odd jobs. The electricians are back again today. Worried about this bill given how much they have been here. Oh well!

So now some photos of finished rooms. Yaaaay!

Firstly the master bedroom, before and after.

The guest bedroom.

The office, before and after.

And out the back - kitchen and dining, before and after. Changes here - flooring (there was none), new blinds, shelves in kitchen and we added a dishwasher.

So that's it for now. Next shots will be with all our stuff in and unpacked next week. We are moving on Monday. Very excited and looking forward to being unpacked.


  1. Did you end up going with Tranquil Retreat for the external colour? We choose monument for our new roof and Tranquil Retreat for our weatherboard colour over the weekend, I did a google search of these colours and your blog came up. Your house looks great!

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