Saturday, November 5, 2011

We have Lights!

Great excitement yesterday when the electrician found his way back to our house. So aside from boring stuff like finishing off some power points and a phone point, he had time to put up almost all our lights. Only ones to go are the second one in the hallway (which is a new point from scratch) and the porch light.

I had managed to find a light for the lounge on Thursday in case he came back, so very happy to have them all bought and now up and pretty happy with them all.

So photos!!

Firstly my favourite, our bedroom. A black chandelier that we found in Launceston last weekend. Love it!

Next is the guest bedroom. The electricians have left the plastic on for now, so will get that off next week when there is a ladder in the house again. Also the globes sold to me with this and the office light were the wrong fitting, so we haven't seen this one on yet.

Next is the office. An impulse buy and a little quirky, but some fun and it should go well with some of the colours we will have in this room. It is made of wood and painted.

The lounge room. Very happy with this one and should go nicely with our couches and rug. Again, plastic covering still on and no globe yet. 

The hallway. There will be two of this light, but one is still to go up. I was unsure when I got these as bought online and it appeared that were round, but are actually like a squashed ball. But now up and with the white I am happy as the blue is so nice against the white. I bought online as I had decided blue glass is what I wanted and it was impossible to find anywhere.

In other news, the inside painting is complete. The outside will get going in the next few days. The hydronic heating is almost complete, finishing Monday.

This week is floor coverings - carpet and lino Monday and Tuesday and hallway sanding and stain from Wednesday onwards. The builder will also be back briefly to put up our blinds and knobs on cupboards and a few little bits and pieces.

Almost there now and only 9 days until move in day!

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