Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OMG it is WHITE!


Well lots has happened in the last week and a half, so shall probably break it up into a few shorter posts. This one - clearly all about paint. That is, white paint. Or more accurately Dulux White on White paint.

While it was a little of a shock when the painters got started and I worried that maybe it is possible to have too much white or too white a white... well now I am very happy and can see how it will all come together once dark flooring, lighting and furniture are in place.

I am especially loving the high gloss on the skirtings and architraves etc which started today. Pre-painting I was feeling a little guilty having decided to paint the woodwork, but I really just prefer the painted look so decided to go for it. Plus a lot of it wasn't in great condition to be just stained and some was already painted. Definitely a mix of things going on.

So some photos are in order I think.

Firstly our guest bedroom with a built in wardrobe, now with doors. Painting has now started on that.

This is the ceiling rose that we have put in each of the four main rooms - 2 bedrooms, office and lounge. 

Next is our new office with two built in cupboards for office and other storage.

And the hallway, starting with the ceiling rose that we have put in two spots. The photo only has it with a first coat of paint I think, so looks a little patchy.

One more white addition is the radiators for the hydronic heating. The heating guys have been here since Monday and are still going strong. See all their gear below and a lovely shot of Charlie in front of the not yet connected heater.

The old carpets and rugs have all gone now too. The four main rooms will have charcoal carpet (being installed from Monday - yaaay!) and the hallway will be sanded and stained late next week.

All on schedule to move in on Monday week.


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