Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And then a bit of colour...

Our all white blank canvas will be perfect for some pops of colour!

Current plans are
  • light bought for guest bedroom has a fairly bright green shade
  • light bought for the office is a deep orange
  • light bought for our bedroom is black and very dramatic (ok not colour, but not white)
  • lights bought for the hallway are blue - just arrived (internet buy) and need to decide if we keep or not as not exactly the shape I thought they would be
  • cupboard door knobs have been bought online at an Etsy store and are currently on a plane from Portugal (as you do) - see image below
  • and best of all the front door outside will be yellow!
Now reading all that in one spot makes it almost sound ridiculous, but I think it will be ok and hopefully a lot better than ok. We also haven't wanted to spend a fortune on lights and blinds (which are bought and all charcoal romans - thank you to the Spotlight sale) as we didn't exactly put them into our rather conservative budget...

So this is the front door colour (to be painted next week) - Dulux Dancing Daisy.

And our cupboard door knobs. I ordered three of one design for the guest bedroom and four of the other for the office. I can't remember which of which.

I shall post photos of the lights once they are up. Hopefully our electrician will be back early next week to finish things off. Just a light for the lounge to find now and all shopping done... well maybe. I am sure I can find some new things to shop for!

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